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August 31, 2006 by ntisafron
I really, really want to understand this.Why do the better halves in a relationship keep raising the stake.Just because we do as expected thay take it for granted and expect more & more &more every instance.Believe you me,it gets so difficult that I feel the strain ready to crack me up.
Things would be so much easier if they were to understand that we are individuals too with different thought process,different choices and an entirely different way of perceiving things.
Just because there...
August 23, 2006 by ntisafron
I really didnt know how to react to this recent article I read in a magazine which I'll just tell you about.

It was about this certain sect of burqa clad Islamic women,led by a similar, though much more volatile muslim woman leader.They called themselves somethinh..something in Arabic which basically means"the angels of death",(I mean come on...)
The leder's married to a Mujahidden who's serving sentence in some jail,etc. ,etc.,

Ok what really caught my eye was that these revolutionaries...
August 16, 2006 by ntisafron
This is really disturbing as I dont really know what to say or how to react ?
I got a mail from a friend (a forward) requesting everyone to sign in their names to terminate an account on orkut ..I think.

The account has a very disturbing photograph of some Pakistani's amidst a burning Indian flag and a huge support from a lot of muslims all over.I am pretty aware of the pregnant tensions between the two nations but I had no clue that people would go to this extent to show their disapproval f...
August 12, 2006 by ntisafron
Alrite,so i didnt use any paragraphs,punctuations or whateve,but hey I didnt know it will look so full and clustered,looked nice to me while I was typing it out,anyway will remember and space it out properly for the next article.

Looking forward to some more.
August 11, 2006 by ntisafron
Eh,I dont really know what all to write,sittin at my workplace, makin really boring conversations with people i couldnt care less about and pretend to seem all excited about it.Well, that really sucks(ouch).Anyway as I was saying I dont really know what to write cuz my mind seems to have suddenly gone all blank.I could sound intelligent and write something about the palestinian crisis,or be chic and explain the latest trends ,what to wear what not to,criticize Bush's policies,symapthise towards ...